Simple steps to schedule a local movers

Simple steps to schedule a local movers

Congratulations- you decided to move locally in Austin Tx. When moving it is important to follow simple steps to schedule local movers in order to ensure a stress-free move.

If you want the best professional movers to relocate your belongings, feel free to reach us.

Here are our top 5 steps to follow when scheduling local movers.

1. Research

When looking for furniture movers in Austin TX, it is important to do thorough research. Look out for Yelp reviews, google business reviews and check around. Sometimes best recommendations come from word of mouth.Check out what kind of feedback companies are getting, what where major issues and what were shortcomings. In addition, check out their websites and look at the testimonials. From here, you may handpick few best choices for you and create a list of top 5 moving companies for you.

2. Start calling

Once you get a full list of companies, please feel free to start calling.

Do not forget to ask the following:

– Are you licensed and insured?

– Do you require deposit?

– Do you have any additional fees?

In order to be sure that your items are being moved with the best moving company in Austin TX, you want to know if your company is insured.

In addition, most legit moving companies require deposit. That deposit is mostly refundable, but in any way, ask for the relocation specialist to send you an invoice for it.

Lastly, it is of the utmost importance to ask if there are any hidden and additional fees whatsoever. You do not want any surprises on the moving date.

3. Get it in writing

Once you call around, ask your sales agent to send it all in writing to you. In that case, you have everything in writing in case something goes wrong. Ask for email confirmations and invoices for all transactions.

4. Compare

Now that you’ve received your quotes via email, look for the best balance between most affordable price and the best service for you. Once comparing prices, compare apples to apples. If companies are offering the same level of service, choose the most affordable price for you. Be aware that you need to keep in mind if company has any additional charges or fees.

5. Lock it in

Once you finally got your best local moving company, please do not wait to lock it in. Most reputable moving companies are short on availability. So, once you made your choice, call immediately to schedule a date.

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