Packing services

Why bother with such tedious and time-consuming task such as packing when you can have a dedicated and experienced team of packers do everything for you?

Our packing team has been with the company from the very beginning.

During all of these years, we managed to establish the fastest and safest way of packing your belongings while saving time and thus your money.

From basic packing of your clothes and books, to packing of the fragile and expensive china – we do it all.


Now, once you choose packing service, it is time to think about packing materials. There are three options we offer.

  1. Packing material provided by us
  2. Packing material provided by you
  3. Mix of both


If you wish for us to provide you with our packing material, we can definitely do that. Just keep in mind we do charge packing material per item used. By having us provide the material you will Fdefinitely save time, but it might be a bit more expensive. However, when providing your own material keep in mind that you will need to select time to order the materials, pick out all types of boxes, drive them to your home and so on. This is sometimes a bit time-consuming.


Secondly, when purchasing your own packing material, you might be able to save a bit on money on boxes if you buy them in bulk. We always suggest to clients that if they have some boxes and plastic bins lying around the house to use them while packing and for everything that doesn’t fit there, we can provide our boxes and charge per item used.

Usually the mix of both worlds ends up being most affordable.


Regardless of what type of service you chose, our packers will do their best to wrap and protect all of your smaller pieces.

Rest assured that all of your items will be packed meticulously and diligently.

So, if you wish for only the packing service, we are at your disposal every day.